Wii-Scale turns your Wii Balance Board into a digital scale. Wii-Scale will automatically find your Wii Balance Board when you press the red sync button under it. All you have to do is just stand on it :) No boring console interface, watch your weight being calculated in realtime on a beautiful web insterface.


Wii-Scale is based on python and node.js and communicates with the lightning fast WebSocket protocol.


Each time you whant to measure your weight you'll have to press the red sync button on your Wii Balance Board. The red sync button is located under the battery hatch. That's because it's a real hassle to pair it with your linux machine. Wii-Scale will stay on an listen for your Wii Balance Board and promt you what to do in the web interface.

Wii-Scale scanning for Wii Balance Board

The weight is calculated by taking the mean of 500 readings. There is also a safe period of 80 readings where you will step on the balance board that are skipped by default. All this to get the best accurate reading as possible. Oh, and all this will take about 3 seconds.


To run Wii-Scale you'll need Python 2 and Node.js with npm installed. Since Wii-Scale uses BlueZ bluetooth stack it's most likely it will only run on Linux.

Install dependencies on Ubuntu


sudo apt-get install python
sudo apt-get install python-pip

Node.js with npm

sudo apt-get install nodejs

Install Wii-Scale

Go to Wii-Scales root folder and run:

npm install
python setup.py install

Config (optional)

You can configure a different host, port, Wii Balance Board bluetooth address and calibration. If the scales weight is off by any amout you can calibrate it by your own by setting the calibration i Kg. So npm config set wii-scale:calibrate 2will add 2kg to your weight, default is set to 0.

npm config set wii-scale:port 8080
npm config set wii-scale:host localhost
npm config set wii-scale:address 00:00:00:00:00
npm config set wii-scale:calibrate 0


npm start

Now the web server and Wii-Scale should be up and running at http://localhost:8080


Based on the wiiboard-simple library.


Wii-Scale is created and copyrighted by Andreas Älveborn and lincensed under MIT. wiiboard-simple is licensed under LGPL.